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We are an ever growing team of volunteers committed to saving someone's future pet, wherever and whenever we can. Our goal is to improve lives, not only of the rescued animals, but the compassionate, loving families that adopt them, we have seen, time and time again, the joy that a pet brings to their new home...

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This Years Rescues

The Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

Our Founder, Susan Clark, was awarded the highest honor given to a pilot by the FAA. Please take a moment to view this prestigious award

September 07, 2021

RV2Rescue transports donations for the animals at the Solano Co. animal shelter

The Solano County Animal Shelter in Fairfield, Ca. was very excited to receive dog and cat food, blankets, towels, bowls, collars, leashes and pee pad donations from many of the citizens of Rio Vista. Transportation of the donations was provided by volunteer and golfer friend Mitchella Ybarra.

Way to go team RV2TheRescue!

Donations for the the Solano County animal shelter.

August 31, 2021

Husky takes a rest in Rio Vista

This cute and adorable 10 week old Husky-Lab mix casually awaits his transportation from Turlock to Rio Vista Ca. where he will then be heading to Sacramento, Ca. to a wonderful foster for adoption.

Cute Husky-Lab mix waits for his ride to Sac.

August 28, 2021

RV2Rescue participates at Hog August Bites in Rio Vista


RV2TheRescue participated in the Rio Vista Hog August Bites celebration on Saturday. We had plenty of visitors who stopped by to learn about our rescue efforts and how they can help. We even had some 4 legged visitors.

A young puppy that is in herding training and Fred who is wearing a cooling vest.

Volunteer animal attendant Dale mans the RV2theRescue table at Hog August Bites event, with Fred in the foreground

A future herding champion...Perhaps

July 10, 2021

RV2Rescue volunteer pilot's Bill and Clarissa aid in the Lava fire animal rescue

Volunteer pilots Bill Stigle and Clarissa Spears fully loaded up their airplane with supplies for the animal victims of the Lava fire. They flew the supplies to the Montague Airport where they were met by the rescue staff who were anxious to receive the supplies intended for the cat evacuation center as well as the ranch. Donations included dog and cat food, leashes, toys, and even an elevated dog bed.

Great effort Bill and Clarissa!

*For more details about the Lava fire rescue click here

Pilots ready the aircraft for departure of the Rio Vista airport

Bill and Clarissa in the cockpit

July 05, 2021
**Update: 07/21/2021

Dog thrown away for having Mange

Here is an example of a dog dumped and left to die at a shelter in Fresno because it had mange.

Danielle Keener, of Lemoore, Ca rushed to the shelter to claim him before his scheduled euthanization took place. With a little care and concern, 2 days later and he can open his eyes and see someone really cares.

Way to go Danielle!

Update: Barely hanging on to life with a severe case of mange, little Ms Rosie Posie has miraculously recovered under the excellent care from Danielle, Kings County SPCA. They take the worst of the worst cases of neglect. Godspeed lil Rosie!

Day 1, dumped at the shelter

Two weeks later, a healthy, happy dog.

Day 3, Bright eyed, ready to love

June 17, 2021

Figaro travels the skies for his new home

Figaro is racking up a bunch of frequent flyer miles! Volunteer Pilot Ryan from Sacramento flew Figaro to Santa Barbara on the start of his journey to Colorado.

Thanks to RV2The Rescue Volunteers , Debra S and her friend Sue who made the drive to Santa Rosa and back to Rio Vista on Tuesday night, so he could catch this flight to Santa Barbara.

We will miss you Figaro!

Pilot Ryan with Figaro

June 15, 2021

Freddie boards his flight

You heard of pilotsnpaws…..well here is pilotsnclaws.

Clarissa Spears has taken to the air with Freddie a Goffin Cockatiel. The smallest of the Cockatiels, but one of the most mischievous and smartest. Luckily he didn’t open his cage during the flight.

Freddie’s owner is a young college girl whose parents urged her to find a more appropriate home for Freddie.

Fortunately, Lindy Turner, a Redding, Ca dog rescuer, said she has an aviary and will give Freddie a good home.

After Freddie arrived in Redding he did a happy dance.

Clarissa Spears and Freddie

Freddie boards his unfeathered flight

Freddie gets his seat assignment

Sharon Pearce, Freddie’s chauffer

May 25, 2021

Up close tour of an animal rescue aircraft

Mona Elliott receives donations from St Joseph’s Church kids as part of their Catechism class for Lent. Thanks to Jackie Evans for her wonderful leadership on behalf of St Joseph’s Catholic Church. The kids had a chance to take a close up look at the Cherokee Airplane used for many of the animal transports arranged by RV2theRescue.

St Joseph’s Catechism class

May 15, 2021

Kodiak travels 1260 miles in two days

A four month old Husky was picked up by animal control in Palmdale, Ca. He was shy and terrified of being in a shelter, so much so, he cowered in the corner of his pen. With little time left at this high kill shelter, folks at a shelter in the Los Angeles area asked for him to be transferred from Palmdale to them so he would have a better chance of being adopted. But time was running out for the Malamute, when a volunteer for the Alaskan Malamute Rescue Organization came to lear of his predicament . They responded quickly to save him from being euthanized by the L.A shelter. It was here that he was given the name Kodiak.

While Kodiak spent a couple weeks getting vetted and receiving all his current shots, the Malamute Rescue had received an inquiry for adoption from a couple in the Seattle, Wa. area. Now all that was needed was to arrange transport for Kodiak.

Fist leg of Kodiak's journey

Marcia Frankhouser, Assistant Coordinator greets pilot Rick Reeves

Kodiak arrives safe and sound at Hillsboro, OR.

Puppy attendant Dale

Kodiak, rides patiently with pilot Martin

The first leg of Kodiak's journey, was with a new rescue pilot Rick Reeves, he and his wife offered to fly Kodiak to Rio Vista, Ca. where they were greeted by Marcia Frankhouser, Assistant Coordinator for RV2TheRescue, Marcia would arrange care for Kodiak during his overnight stay. The following day, Kodiak was transported to Redding, Ca. under the watchful eyes of puppy attendant, Dale. Here Kodiak would board a plane to Medford, Or. for the third leg of his journey to his new home. Martin Buehler flew Kodiak from Redding, Ca. to Medford, Or. where he met pilot Pete Carlson who flew Kodiak on his final leg into Hillsboro, Or. Here Kodiak will remain with a foster home until he has been further evaluated for his shyness, before being handed over to his new family. We hear Kodiak is getting along well and wanting to play with other dogs. His shyness towards strangers seems to be improving and Kodiak is bound to be a great pet for some loving family.

UPDATE: Kodiak is now with his new forever family in Seattle, Wa. Enjoy your life Kodiak!

May 08, 2021

Chapo the sweet Bullmastiff

The owner of Chapo is living in a camper shell in the back of his pickup truck. Realizing that is not a good environment for his dog, he inquired across 3 states before he was given the name Donna Hertel, a Bullmastiff rescuer. As it turns out, the man is near Sacramento and Donna near Roseville.

Donna unselfishly took on this challenge to find Chapo a home, even though she was having to dealing with an aging parent.

Chapo was placed into a foster home to be vetted for the right family. He has bad infections from allergies in his paws and was neutered. After a couple days of rest and relaxation with Marielle Moyer, Chapo was on his way to Seattle where he will learn how to enjoy a comfy doggie bed and delicious nutritional meals.

UPDATE: Chapo is now with his adopted family and doing well in his forever home!

Chapo take a little R & R

Chapo heads to his new home

April 17, 2021

A Baaad Situation Ends Well

Often, breeders who wind up with too many male goats, have to destroy them. Lucky for two such goats, a Central Valley breeder relinquished these two young goats to a local rescue volunteer, who in turn reached out to RV2TheRescue in hopes of securing transportation to a no kill sanctuary in Napa. One of RV2TheRescue's long time volunteer's was thrilled to make the rescue drive to Madera, Ca. and deliver the goats to Bleating Hearts Farm, a Sanctuary in Napa. Run free kids!

April 13, 2021

40 Cats in one Airplane!

Thanks so much to pilot Kevin who teaches Aviation Maintenance at Sacramento City college by day, and rescues kittens when needed. On this mission Kevin transported 40 cat, mostly babies as young as 3 weeks old from Visalia and flew them to Rio Vista airport where they were met by the folks from Kitty 911 of Antioch . They will see to the cats foster care needs and find each of them a wonderful family.

40 cats flew first class to Rio Vista

April 13, 2021

40 Cats in one Airplane!

Our longtime pilot, Tiffani planned on picking up 12 bottle fed cats from Visalia and delivering them to Kitty 911 of Antioch . It was to be a dual mission that day. She flew some much needed supplies to Visalia, ca. and then began to load 5 crates that contained 17 bottle fed cats. At the end of a busy day, Tiffani's only comment was: "We so appreciate our volunteers and fosters". Well said!

A cat with a birds-eye view

Tiffani and her co-pilot/ Attendant

A plane load of supplies headed to the Rescue in Visalia

March 25 2021

Nate transports 17 kittens!

Nate D., flew to Visalia and then to Rio Vista to transport 17 kittens that were heading to Kitty 911 Rescue in Antioch, where they will find their way to loving forever homes. In flight, Nate, a pilot from Marin Ca. braved strong winds to transport the kitties, safe and sound. Good job Nate!

Nate unloads 17 kittens destined for Antioch rescue

An urgent request was made to transport a seriously ill pup from Visalia to a rescue in Santa Rosa. The sick puppy displayed symptoms similar to Parvo, an often fatal disease, or possibly an intestinal blockage. The owner was advised to take the pup to a local vet asap and the rescue would pay the bill.

As plans were coming together for a flight, the owner notified the coordinator that the pup was dying and shortly thereafter the puppy died. He had ingested a chicken bone and the owner waited 2 days before seeking help. I am too upset to post his picture. Please don't let this happen to your dog. Get help immediately!

February 20, 2021

Another very happy ending...

We wanted to share this post from Dogwood Animal Rescue Project because it typifies the work that rescues do day in and day out. A new life for Garrett . Watch the transformation from living alone outside on a chain to loved, adored member of the family. THIS is why we rescue. So dogs like Garrett can live the lives they deserve. Making a difference one animal at a time.

February 06, 2021

Rescued dog dumped at Airport

A rescued dog was abandoned at Rio Vista Airport on Saturday, 02/06/21. Early Sunday Sue Clark , of RV2the Rescue was informed, via email, that a rescue transport from Visalia landed at the Rio Vista Airport on Saturday. The flight was transporting some cats that were headed to a rescue in Antioch, Ca. and a Husky dog that was to be flown to the San Carlos airport and then picked up by a San Francisco rescue organization. The pilot decided he no longer wanted the dog in his airplane, so he tied the dog to a post at the Rio Vista airport and departed.

According to the pilot, he left the dog behind because of the way he smelled, instead of taking him to San Carlos, as planned, a mere 15 minutes away. The pilot sent a message to the shelter in Visalia saying he was leaving the dog at the airport. Ketrena, from the shelter, was able to contact the folks who picked up the cats and asked if they would return to the airport and retrieve the dog. When the folks from Antioch returned, they found the dog tied to a post. The dog was eventually delivered to the San Francisco rescue. He is currently in a foster home for the Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco.

Husky breed was rescued a second time, after pilot abandons him at the airport
Marielle Moyer, Vice President of Aviation Partners, Inc. transports Kipper to Napa Ca.
Mary prepares to transport Kipper from Fresno to Lodi

January 23, 2021

Kipper's Journey

Kipper, a happy, sweet French/English bulldog mix had been living in Reedley Ca. since he was a puppy. But now at the age of 5 the only owner he's known decided he no longer wanted to care for him and set off to give him away. It appears that no effort was made to vet the person receiving Kipper. His next home was with a woman that chose to keep him outdoors day and night, this was a radical change from all that Kipper knew since he was a pup. And so Kipper began barking insistently throughout the night. Isolated, and likely scared and confused, barking was his only option as he tried to make sense of his current predicament. The woman that took Kipper in did not seem to have the patience needed to help Kipper adjust to his new surroundings, instead, within a few days of taking in Kipper, the woman put the word out that she would harm the dog if someone did not come and take him away.

Fortunately, for Kipper, Christie, a compassionate animal rescuer heard about this dog, and quickly sprung into action to save Kipper. Christie arranged to bring Kipper to Fresno, Ca. where Kipper hitched a ride to Lodi, Ca. with Mary a transport volunteer. Waiting for Kipper in Lodi, Ca. was Marielle Moyer who then transported Kipper to a rescue named Whiskers, Tails and Ferals in Napa Ca. where his life would be saved. Somehow Kipper must have known that his ordeal was coming to an end because it had not dampened his spirit to show love to the people who took part in saving his life.

Marielle Moyer, a Nevada resident and Vice President of Aviation Partners, Inc. is an avid volunteer for RV2theRescue. Aviation Partners, Inc. is headquartered in Carson City, Nv. They provide creative skills in aviation related to education, research, and development. They also provide the aircraft used in many of the rescue missions carried out by RV2TheRescue throughout California.

Godspeed Kipper!

Donations from the folks in Rio Vista, Ca.