Our Founder

Sue Clark began her flying career in 1968 at Santa Monica California. After earning her Private Pilot Certificate she continued her training and became a Certificated Flight Instructor and opened her own flight school in the San Diego area. In the 70’s she was the youngest female, FAA, Designated Pilot Examiner. She later went on to obtain Instrument and Multi Engine Instructor Certificates along with an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate which qualified her to fly Captain for American Eagle Airlines up until mandatory retirement.

After retirement from the airline, Sue worked as a Flight Instructor for the Travis Air Force Base flying club in Rio Vista, Ca. She eventually became interested in animal rescue transport for homeless animals and those needing to be rehomed to avoid being euthanized. Her passion for working with animals motivated her to form her own nonprofit organization called RV2The Rescue. In addition to flying these transports in her own airplane, she also educates the public about the benefits of spay and neutering to save some of the 2.7 million animals that are euthanized each year.

Often times rescue organizations offer to accept these helpless animals, but cannot afford the cost of transportation. Thru RV2 The Rescue you can help provide the missing link to saving their lives.