Flying & Driving to save lives!

Mission Statement

We are an ever growing team of volunteers committed to saving someone's future pet, wherever and whenever we can. Our goal is to improve lives, not only of the rescued animals, but the compassionate, loving families that adopt them, we have seen, time and time again, the joy that a pet brings to their new home...

Be an RV 2 The Rescue hero, and donate today. Every little bit helps and 100% of your donation goes towards rescue efforts for the many "ready to Love" animals waiting for help. Thank you.

May 18, 2020

Another great Rescue Jim!

One of our often used driving volunteers, Jim Rose, left Rio Vista, Ca. at 5:00 AM to drive this cute Chihuahua rescue to Grants Pass, Or. This was by means a quick drive, This trip had Jim driving over 700 miles round trip, and 11 hours behind the wheel, no easy task. Jim is our long distance driver extraordinaire! We are lucky to have him as part of the team!

May 16, 2020

Welcome Kate and your seatmate Baldwin

One of our new volunteers, Kate, took her first RV2therescue flight as pet attendant trainee. Kate flew to Gilroy, Ca. to pick up Baldwin, a cute 9 week old puppy. Baldwin needed to make his way to Oregon, where he would get placed in a new loving home. Baldwin's mom was rescued from a high kill shelter in Fresno where it was discovered that she was pregnant when they took her to be spayed. Baldwind is one of 7 puppies, all have been adopted!

May 15, 2020

Paying it Forward

One of our volunteers always carries donated supplies in the trunk of her car. When she spotted this fellow in a wheelchair she offered him some food and toys for “Chunk” and a few things for his owner.

May 9, 2020

No amount of love and help was enough for Thor

We are so sorry to report that the little kitty named Thor, passed away this morning. His mouth was starting to heal and he had the best of care. This morning his foster mom found him being very lethargic. He passed away in her arms..... So many people worked so hard to save this little guy. His short days were filled with love!

May 4, 2020

Doberman transported to Redding, ca.

RV2 the rescue took 2 planes 6 dogs to Redding. Casa de Love gave a wonderful reception. The line crew in Redding were so kind to help us move our furry little friends.

May 3, 2020


RV2TheRescue volunteer Jim Rose provided ground transportation from Madera, Ca. to Rio Vista, Ca., where RV2TheRescue coordinated Evander's rescue flight with one of our pilot volunteers.

❤️TEARY-EYED UPDATE - EVANDER HAS BEEN RESCUED!! Once again, Lindy with Casa De Love Rescue is saving a life in need... virtual (((hugs))) to this amazing woman, and to all of YOU for pledging, sharing, and caring. Love to Dr. Cree Guardino who will be meeting Evander tomorrow to get him measured for his wheels! Hoping to have transport set up ASAP and will share his freedom photo. If you are so moved to donate to his care, here is his link:


🐕 WHERE: San Jose Animal Care Center

🐕 NEEDS RESCUE/SPECIAL-NEEDS ADOPTION FOR: dragging hind legs, wounds on knees & paws from dragging, unable to empty bladder completely on his own; dental needs - shelter notes:

Evander was a bit unsure when he was rolled out to the courtyard... but sniffing the wind in the hopes of finding his way home was all this #BraveDog needed to come around ❤️ When rolled to the gate, he looked at the outside world, often leaning far over with his snout pushing past the bars... and yet, in the shade fell completely into the moment soaking up all the love. Brave Dogs will #SPONSOR a set of #ChetakWheels for Evander, handmade and customized by Cree Guardino who has made & donated so many to dogs in need... so if there is a #foster and #rescue that can help this elderbull live his best life, please reach out. If you cannot foster, please share this post ❤️

🐕 If you would like to foster please click HERE to fill out the foster application:


email -

cc -

Reference - Evander #A1169423

#AdoptDontShop #ShareToSaveALife #FosteringSavesLives! #PleaseShare #chetakstrong

May 3, 2020

Thank you Roz and Molly

Do you happen to know how costly it is to run an animal rescue shelter? Even the smallest of shelters, must find money to house, feed, and often rehabilitate the animals that they rescue before the are adopted. Were it not for the generosity of donors like Roz and her lucky dog Molly, these rescues would not have anyone there to help them. Thank you Roz and Molly for you donation.

April 22, 2020

Just in time, two lives saved

Two young Yorkie pups were on the verge of being euthanized because they do what “ratters” do. Fortunately, the dog's owner was convinced to surrender Bella and Baer to a rescue, but the terms were that this needed to happen right away. Ruff Pack Refuge, of El Dorado Hills, agreed to foster the dogs. Sue Clark of RV2theRescue was contacted in hopes she could put together a transport to save these dogs lives; Sue realized she had a small window of opportunity to move these dogs before it was too late. There were fewer pilots willing to make the rescue flight, because of COVAD-19, and John Scaff of Lake Tahoe was one of the few pilots that volunteered to fly the rescue, but more importantly, he was the only pilot able to make the flight soon enough to save the dogs! John flew his plane to Visalia, Ca. to pick up Bella and Baer and transport them to Rio Vista, Ca. where they would spend the night eating, playing, and being pampered before they were transferred to a ground transportation team and safely delivered to Ruff Pack Refuge in El Dorado Hills, here they would be well cared for and eventually placed in a loving home.

April, 2020

Jojo makes it to his new home

COVID 19 didn't stop RV2TheRescue from carrying out a transport mission ( essential-transport of live animals) for Jojo a German Shepherd mix that needed to be rehomed. Her family had to move into an apartment and there is no yard for her to run and play. Sadly, her owners allowed her to go to Casa de Love Rescue in Redding, Ca. Transport volunteer Mary Laufer drove Jojo from Porterville to Rio Vista, CA where RV2TheRescue took over and drove Jojo to Chico, Ca. to meet her new family that adopted her. She will have 3 acres to roam and being the only dog, will no doubt be very spoiled.

Jojo enroute to his new home (above) and looking happy at his new home (below)

March 25, 2020

Thank you Gov Newsom

Today I was able to have an “essential” mental health day. 3 little puppies needed food, blanket and transport from Modesto to Merced. I didn’t mind the driving solo. The sending and receiving parties put the pups in and out of the crate so I could honor social distancing.

The only downside is, I wasn’t able to give a little snuggle to each one. Thank you Rio Vistans for your many donations!

March 7, 2020

A Dog's Devotion Never Ends...

When firefighters arrived on scene to a wellness call, the owner’s two dogs guarded the body of the owner and would not let anyone near. Another family member showed up and convinced them to let her and the dogs sit by her sister. They were able to eventually contain the distraught dogs.

It was a difficult decision for the sister to find a new home or turn Penny and Avalou over to a rescue. RV2The Rescue was able to aid in the transport by providing a rental car and fuel to make the 4 1/2 hour drive to Family Dog in San Francisco, where they will be cared for until a new loving home is found.

If you have a dog that is grieving, then maybe a visit to the grave site might help.

February 9, 2020

Tiny The dog with Spina Bifida

RV2TheRescue helps Tiny get to the Lily’sPad Rescue in WA state

Being a dog attendant is hard work

December 11, 2019

A Christmas Miracle

Rescue friends in Lemoore pulled this guy hiding in a drainage pipe. They do this sort of thing all year long. He will be treated for mange and be just like new.

Lemoore Home Again SPCA

Lessons Learned

Young, aspiring student pilot, Cameron Gallup, 14, participated in the Kids Can Fly Program sponsored by Aviation Partners, Inc. and RV2TheRescue of Rio Vista, Ca. Pet supplies were collected by the kids of the St Joseph Parish in Rio Vista. Cameron flew with his instructor to Hanford, Ca in the North Central Valley to deliver the supplies collected. The supplies will then be distributed to 3 of the local shelters in Leemoore, Huron and Coalinga. Awesome job Cameron!

Once the supplies were flown in they were distributed to help the many four legged victims of the Paradise fire.

Watch some of the lovable reasons we do what we do!